Finding Items

Process apps can become complex over time. SBM Composer provides several mechanisms to help you find design elements in an open process app:
  • Quick Find

    Click CTRL+F to open the Find dialog box and search for specific design elements in the process app or in referenced applications.

    Type the text you want to find, and then press Enter. The first design element is highlighted in App Explorer, and its editor opens. To continue searching with the dialog box open, click Find or Enter. To continue searching with the dialog box closed, press F3. For details, refer to Find Dialog Box.

  • Advanced Find

    Expand or limit the scope of your search by context (current application or entire process app, for example), by element type (state or field) and other find options.

    Click the Find Items button on the Ribbon or quick access toolbar, press Alt and then F, or press Ctrl+Shift+F. For details, refer to Find Items Dialog Box.

  • Find by Usage

    With a design element selected, click Where Used on the Ribbon, and then specify search criteria. When you click Find, a list of items where the design element is used is returned. This is useful for understanding how changes to a design element may impact your process app.

    For details, refer to Find Where Used Dialog Box.