SBM Composer Extensions Editor

The SBM Composer Extensions Editor enables you to view extensions you have imported into your system. You can also export and reimport extensions.

For details, refer to Using Form Extensions.

The following table describes extension settings, which cannot be modified.

Element Description
Name Indicates the extension name.
Revision Indicates the extension version.
Author Indicates the extension author. Extensions may be created by SBM Development or by third-party solution developers.
Copyright Shows copyright information provided by the extension author.
Size Indicates the size of the extension.
Description Shows a brief description provided by the extension author.
Documentation Shows detailed information provided by the author about the extension.
File indicates the location of the extension file.
Reimport Click this button to reimport the extension. You may need to do this if a new version of an extension is available, for example.
Export Click this button to export the extension.