Compare and Merge

You can visually compare two versions of a process app and manually copy selected items from one process app to the other. For example, suppose you receive a new version of a solution that you previously deployed. The solution contains a process app; before deployment, you changed it to meet your specific needs and processes. Now you want to upgrade to the new version, while keeping the changes you made to the earlier version.

This feature lets you view both versions of the process app side-by-side in SBM Composer. You can see the items that differ between them, copy new items from the new version, and modify existing items to match the new version. You can "dismiss" differences you do not want to merge, so there is no need to process them again if you need to finish the comparison in a later session. If you localized a process app, you can specify that the translated strings are not displayed as differences when you compare it with a new, unlocalized version.

Note: For details about using the compare and merge feature, see Compare Process Apps Mode and Comparing and Merging Process Apps.


Key Benefits