Step 7: Run the Process App


You completed the steps in Step 6: Associate Users with Roles.

In this exercise, you test MyProcessApp by running it in SBM Work Center.

To run a process app in SBM Work Center:

  1. Log on to SBM Work Center.
    Tip: In SBM Composer, you can click the Work Center button on the Launch tab of the Ribbon to do this. You can also navigate directly to http://serverName/workcenter.
  2. Click the MyApp icon.
  3. Click +New.
  4. On the Browse tab, click the MyAppProject link.

    The submit form opens.

  5. Complete the fields, entering text in the Title box and selecting values for Item Type, Manager, Employee, and Customer Submitted, and then click OK.

    The item moves to the New state, and the owner becomes the manager selected in the Managers field.

  6. Click the Assign button.

    The Assign transition form opens, where you can update the fields, such as selecting a different employee.

  7. Click OK.

    The item is assigned to the user selected in the Employee field. The user becomes the owner of the item as the item moves to the Assigned state.

  8. Close the item by clicking the Close transition on the item and then clicking OK.
  9. To locate the new item, click the Search icon and enter a keyword to search.
  10. In the Search Results list, find the new item.
  11. To access the item, click the item row.
The item has now completed the workflow. It has moved through three states. In the New and Assigned states, the item was assigned to the selected manager or employee.