About the Validation Results

Use the Validation Results to troubleshoot validation problems.

When you click the Validate button on the Quick Access Toolbar, SBM Composer attempts to validate the open process app to determine if it is ready to be published to SBM Composer. (If you click the Publish, Deploy, or Quick Deploy buttons before you validate, SBM Composer tries to validate the process app first.)

For example, if you did not connect a state with a transition in an application workflow, when you validate, a warning message is displayed in the Validation Results telling you that the state is unreachable. Or, if you fail to provide a required value for a step input in an orchestration workflow, an error message is displayed.

The Validation Results tab displays "Succeeded" or "Failed" as appropriate. Results remain current until the user makes any change to the process app, including using Repository Menu commands. When that happens, "Succeeded (out of date)" is displayed on the Validation Results tab. If validation results are current, validation is not performed with the next export, publish, or deploy operation.

Validation Results messages are categorized by logging level. The following table describes each level.

Logging Level Icon Description
Error image An error message is displayed when something is wrong in the process app that you need to fix.
Warning image A warning message is displayed to notify you of a potential problem or of a condition that could cause an undesirable or unexpected situation.
Info image An information message is logged to provide information about the validation process.
Element Description
Description Error message text
Severity Severity of the message
Element name Name of the element to which the message refers
Element type Element type
Design element Name of the design element that contains the element
Application/Orchestration Name of the application or orchestration that contains the design element
Show Filter messages to be displayed. You can select logging levels, specify whether dismissed messages should be displayed, and only display messages that pertain to the current editor. (See Limiting Validation Results.)