About ExtendedField

The ExtendedField parameter is available on some operations in SBM Web services. The extendedField[] extension provides a way to interact with the various custom fields defined in an application. You can specify something that identifies the field (for example, its name) and a value for the field by mapping to a value or by specifying a default value.

The following illustration shows the ExtendedField input in a Service step that uses the "TransitionItem" operation. It creates an update record for the GEN_PENDING_BASELINE field and sets its value to the item ID.


ExtendedField can also be used in Calculate step expressions. The following illustration shows a Calculate step that takes the internal value of the GEN_SBM_REC_ID field and stores it in the ActiveRecId working data element.


Note: It is recommended that you create the array elements directly in the Service steps and assign values to them directly, instead of trying to dynamically create them.