VarRecord StartTransition() Method

(SBM On-Premise/PaaS only) Starts a transition on an item.

Function Signature

 bool StartTransition( trans [, bool stealLock ] )


Parameter Type Description
trans Variant

Can be transition ID, 0 (will use default Update transition for item), transition UUID, or transition internal name.

stealLock bool

Optional. If true, any item lock on this item will be stolen by this transition. If it was locked, the user who had the item locked (in transition) will not be able to complete their transition. Does not guarantee that the transition succeeds, as scripts can steal locks from each other.


Type Description


Returns true if transition was started. If false, use Shell.GetLastErrorMessage() for more information.

Technical Details

SBM ModScript version: 11.3.


var varRecord = Ext.CreateVarRecord( tableId );
var read =  varRecord.Read( itemTitle );
if ( !varRecord.StartTransition( transitionId )){
  // write an error to Active Diagnostics
  ADLog.Message( __FILE__, __LINE__, ADLogLevelConstants.ERROR, 
    "StartTransition failed:\n" + Shell.GetLastErrorMessage() );


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