Database Import Contexts

Database import contexts include the Pre-DbImport and Post-DbImport contexts, which execute scripts before and after importing data from a generic ODBC database. The process is as follows:

  1. Read or initialize the destination record.
  2. Run the Pre-DbImport script, if defined.
  3. Map fields in the source database to destination fields.
    Note: If a Pre-DbImport script modified a mapped SBM field, the source to destination mapping will not have an effect. The script change takes precedence.
  4. Run the Post-DbImport script, if defined.
  5. If updating existing items, validate any changed items and bypass the update if the Update only if change detected option is enabled.
  6. Add or update the destination record to the SBM database.

For details on importing data, refer to the SBM System Administrator Guide.