Undeploying a Process App


To undeploy a process app, you must have the Delete Process Apps for this Host privilege, which is set in SBM Application Administrator.

Undeploying a process app removes the process app from the Application Engine server, which permanently removes data such as primary items and projects. It does not remove it from the repository; you must delete it to do so. For instructions, see Deleting a Process App.

To undeploy a process app:

  1. On the Environments tab, select the environment that the process app was deployed to.
  2. Select the Deployments sub-tab.
  3. Find the process app that you want to undeploy, and then click the Undeploy icon.
  4. In the confirmation dialog box, click Undeploy.
The process app is removed from the Deployments tab. All of its applications, orchestrations, and configuration data are removed from the Application Engine and Orchestration Engine that are defined in the environment. Item data cannot be recovered after a process app is undeployed; if a process app snapshot exists, it can restore the process app, but not item data.
Note: Orchestration definitions and instances are not accessible after a process app is undeployed.