A promotion profile is the collection of settings necessary to promote a process app. You can save the profile for later use. On the Profiles sub-tab, you can create a promotion profile for a selected process app.

Click Create to launch the Create promotion profile dialog box and begin creating a new promotion profile. For more information, see Creating a Promotion Profile.

Click Copy to create a duplicate of an existing promotion profile. For example, this enables you to easily copy the profile that is used for promoting to production and test it against your staging environment first. See Copying a Promotion Profile.

Click the refresh icon to refresh the list of promotion profiles.

The Profiles sub-tab contains the following information:
Column Description
Name The name given to the promotion profile.
Live Yes or No. Yes indicates that the profile takes a snapshot of the process app at the time of promotion. No indicates that the profile uses a saved snapshot.
Source The source environment where the process app is currently configured and running.
Destination The destination environment where you will replicate the process app and its configuration.
Last Modified The date and time when the profile was last changed.
Last Modified By The user who last created or changed the profile.

The following actions are available for each profile: