On the Details sub-tab, you can edit basic information about an environment.

Click the Edit button to change the details for an environment. The following fields are available:
Field Description

Enter a descriptive name for the environment; for example, Production, Test, or Development.

Note: Consider including the environment set name to identify the collection of environments to which this one belongs.

Enter a text string that describes the environment.


Edit the address for the environment's Application Engine server.

Runtime server

The Application Engine runtime server address.

Composer deploy

In the drop-down list, select one of the following options:

  • Disabled

    Disables deployment to this environment from SBM Composer.

  • Enabled

    Enables deployment to this environment from SBM Composer.

  • Enabled with Development

    Allows an SBM Composer user to deploy development versions of a process app to the environment for testing purposes without generating new versions of the process app.

Tip: Consider disabling this option if you want to have tighter control over deployments to production. Disabling this option reduces the likelihood that designers will inadvertently deploy changes to your production environment.