Removing Record Locks

Record locks prevent multiple users from updating a primary or auxiliary item at the same time. You can remove record locks on individual items as needed. Typically, record locks only need to be removed when a user does not exit the form properly. For details on record locks, refer to About Record Locks.

Select the Display locking user name to requesting user check box to display the user name of the user who established the record lock to users who attempt to update or transition the locked item.

Managed administrators can remove record locks for items in tables they can administer if locks were established by users the administrator has privileges to manage.

To remove record locks:

  1. From the Administrator Portal, click Data | Record Locks. Established record locks are listed, including the login ID and user name of the user who established the lock, the type of item that is locked, and the locked record's issue ID.
    • You can use the locked record ID to easily search for a locked item in Work Center. For example, if Bill did not complete the Assign transition and lost power to his machine while the transition form was still open, an administrator could view the record locks page and easily find which item Bill was accessing by checking the Locked Record ID column.
    • Use the Items Per Page setting to control the number of items that appear per page.
  2. Select an established lock in the list.
  3. Click Delete.