Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks enable you to save personal links to frequently used features, such as users, groups, and projects.

You can open these bookmarks in SBM Application Administrator, or in SBM Work Center if "auto folder items" are enabled for your system and your user profile.

You can create bookmarks from the following administrative features:

Adding Bookmarks

To add a bookmark:

  1. Navigate to one of the pages listed in the previous section. For example, edit a user account.
  2. Click the star in the upper right corner.


  3. In the dialog box that opens, rename the bookmark as needed, and then click OK.

Opening Bookmarked Pages

You can open bookmarked administrative pages from SBM Application Administrator or SBM Work Center.

To open a bookmark from SBM Application Administrator:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the star icon.


  2. Select the bookmark from the list, or search for a bookmark and then select it.

To open an administrative bookmark from SBM Work Center:

  1. Verify that "auto folders items" are enabled in your user profile. In SBM Work Center, this setting is located on the Display tab of your user profile.
    Note: If the Auto Folder Items option is not available, this feature has not been enabled for your system.
  2. In the side menu, select Folders.
  3. Expand the Administration Links folder, and then select a bookmark.

Deleting and Renaming Bookmarks

You can delete bookmarks by removing them from the Administration Links Favorites folder in SBM Work Center.

If you have permissions to edit your user account in SBM Application Administrator, you can also delete bookmarks from the Content tab of your user preferences.