Mailbox Submit Routing

Use the Mailbox Submit Routing page to create rules that define where e-mail submissions are routed for a particular mailbox.
Note: The settings on this page apply only to user e-mail submissions. For information regarding XML e-mail submissions, refer to Using XML E-mail Submission.

Use the rule editor to define routing rules based on the content of fields in incoming e-mails. The Mail Client will route the e-mail to the project that you select and submit a new item based on the Mail Mappings that you define for each rule.

For example, you can define a rule that routes e-mails to the Animation Pro project if the body contains "Animation Pro". For this particular rule, you can map the subject field to the Title field and the body to the Description field. If the body contains "Image Builder", you can have the e-mail routed to the Image Builder project instead with different mappings.

In the rule editor, you can use logical operators to build complex rule statements. For example:

Subject Contains Vacation
Or Subject Contains Sick
And Not Subject Contains Jury

Or, for example:

Subject Contains Hardware Request
And Body Contains Cost Center 123456

After you add a new condition to your rule, you can use the arrows to move the condition up or down within the rule definition. To change an existing condition, select the row and click Modify. Select a row and click Remove if the condition does not belong in your rule statement.

Set a Priority to give certain rules precedence over others when multiple rules become true.

You must select an application and project when you define a rule. The project that you select overrides the default project that has been assigned to the current mailbox for all e-mail submissions. This means that if the rule evaluates to true, the project specified in the rule is used for submission instead of the default project.