Values Tab

The following settings are available on the Values tab.

For details, refer to Localization.

Categories/Sections Settings

Strings are organized into:
  • Categories

    Design object strings that are associated with primary and auxiliary tables from a deployed process app, or a full feature set, such as strings for Work Center or Request Center.

  • Sections

    A grouping of strings within a category. For example, the main section in the Request Center contains strings from the main Request Center page. The transition section in a primary table contains transition name strings.

Navigate through the list of categories and sections or use the Search option to highlight a specific category or section.

Select a section to filter the content pane to strings in that section.

Value Settings

Use these options to manually modify or translate strings.

Toolbar Options
  • Add

    Click to add a value for a language other than the default, which is English (United States).

    Tip: You must use the Add button to add locales and translations for strings in the Global Design Object Strings category. Predefined locales are not added for global design objects automatically.
  • Save
    Click to save changes made on the page.
    Note: If you make changes and do not click Save, you are prompted to save your changes when you navigate away from the page.
  • Discard

    Click to discard changes made on the page.

  • Language

    Filter the list of strings by the selected language.

  • Search

    Choose to search keys, values, overrides, or tags.

  • Modified

    Select a date to list strings that have been modified since that date.

String Column Descriptions

Click a column header to sort the list.

  • Key

    Depending on your filter, each key can show all values, languages, overrides, and tags for each string.



  • Language

    Shows the language (locale) for a key.



  • Value

    Shows the default key value for each language.


    No, for default (root) strings. Yes for other locales (on-premise only).

  • Override

    Shows changes to the default key value.


    Yes. Click in the row to edit the value. On-demand users can translate strings using the Override column. Not applicable to default (root) string values.

  • Section

    Shows the category and section for each key.



  • Tag

    Shows a label for each key, if defined. Tags enable you to provide comments as you work with strings. You can then search for keys by tags.


    Yes. Click in the row to edit the tag.

  • Last Modified

    Shows the last date and time a key value was updated.



For more information, refer to Translating Strings from Application Administrator.