Settings Tab

On the Settings tab, you can turn localization on or off using the Allow translation for MLS Runtime Objects and Design Objects check box. You must select this check box if you plan to translate MLS runtime objects and design object strings for users. If you do not plan to translate strings, leave this option disabled (it is off by default for new installs). If you have deployed translated strings, and then you disable this option, the default (root) value for each string is displayed in the browser instead of the translated string.

Under Predefined Locales, select the language locales that should be defined for a process app when it is deployed. The locales that you select here will appear on the Values page for each design object string after a process app is deployed. Temporary values are supplied for all predefined locales until you translate them. Predefined locale selections are unique per namespace (on-demand only).

To use predefined locales:

  1. Select one or more predefined language locales.
  2. Deploy a process app that contains design object strings that you want to translate.
  3. After the process app is successfully deployed, export and import a translated XML file, or use the Values page to translate strings using your predefined language locales.

Note the following important information regarding predefined locales and process app deployment and promotion: