ChatOps Integration

Use the ChatOps page to set up and configure an integration between SBM and your ChatOps communication server. The ChatOps integration enables users to collaborate and update work items from within a chat session, which can be saved to the work item for auditing purposes.

For example, Chad is assigned a service desk ticket, but he needs more information to resolve the ticket. He launches a chat session directly from the work item and asks a senior technician, Carmen, for ideas on how to resolve the incident. Carmen provides some troubleshooting steps that Chad can use to resolve the ticket. Chad asks the SBM chat bot to transition the item to the Resolved state from within the chat session. A notification is executed that captures the chat history and saves it as a note on the work item. This ensures that the troubleshooting steps provided by Carmen are saved and available to other users who perform a Work Center search for similar incidents in the future.

Key Benefits

As mentioned in the use case above, you can create a notification that automatically archives a chat session when an item is transitioned to a particular state. For example, if the item is sent to the Resolved state during a chat session, the notification fires and the chat transcript is saved to the work item automatically. For details on configuring this type of notification, refer to the Run ChatOps Command action in Creating Standard Notifications.