Text Fields

Text fields allow users to enter information about primary and auxiliary items. The number of characters allowed in Text fields depends on the DBMS you are using and the Style options selected for the field in SBM Composer.


The following Text field attributes can be modified for default fields in projects and transition fields. Attributes set for fields in the Default Fields list apply to all transitions; attributes set for fields for a transition apply only to that transition.


Set or override a default value for the field as needed.

Note: You cannot change the default value for the system Item ID field.

You can use a Rich Text Editor to format default values for Memo and Journal fields if the Enable Rich Text check box is selected in the Display Options section.

If you choose to manually enter HTML as a default value, be aware that obviously "suspicious" ("dangerous") HTML is not rendered at runtime.

The following tags are considered suspicious:
  • <applet, </applet
  • <embed, </embed
  • <form, </form
  • <frame, </frame
  • <iframe, </iframe
  • <input, </input
  • <script, </script
  • <textarea, </testarea
The following tags may not be rendered at runtime unless they are added using the Rich Text Editor. These tags will not be rendered if they contain suspicious attributes, such as onload or onclick:
  • <a, </a
  • <img, </img (Rendered only when added at runtime)
Remember: Improper or invalid HTML could have a negative impact on the field and possibly on the entire form. Refer to the World Wide Web Consortium Web site at http://www.w3.org for information about HTML syntax.

If the Enable Rich Text check box is cleared for the field, only plain text is allowed. Carriage or hard returns can be entered in the default values for Memo and Journal fields, but not for Fixed Length fields.

Transition Actions

The following options are available for fields when you are editing a transition and enable you to control field values for the transition. For example, you may want to clear an existing value for a required field when a transition is executed, forcing users to provide a new value. These options apply to all field types for transitions.
  • Leave Value Unchanged

    Select to retain the field's current value when the transition is complete.

  • Clear Value

    Select to clear the field's current value.

  • Set Value to Default Value

    Select to use a default value for the field as the user executes the transition. You can then select a default value.

Note: For Text fields that are set as Journal fields, the default value is always appended to current values, if they exist.

Display Options

You can also view the following settings, which are defined in SBM Composer. These settings cannot be modifed in Application Administrator.