States and Transitions Page

The States/Transitions page lists the states and transitions defined for the workflow or project you are editing.
Note: Decisions are also listed on this page. You can view decision properties, but they should only be modified in SBM Composer.

To view the properties for individual states, decisions, and transitions and override some properties, select an item in the list, and then click Details.

To learn more about the state and transition settings you can modify in projects, refer to Working With States and Transitions in Projects.

To learn more about the transition settings you can modify in workflows, refer to Restricting Transitions.

Finding and Sorting Items in the List

By default, all states and decisions are listed first, followed by transitions. To sort and filter the list:
  • Click the column headers to sort the list by type (states and decisions or transitions), name, origination state, destination state, status, and inheritance.
  • Search for states or transitions by name.
  • Filter the list to show only states and decisions or only transitions.
  • Select the Show Deleted States/Disabled Transitions check box to include these items in the list.

Toolbar Options

  • Details

    To edit a state, decision, or transition, select it in the list, and then click Details.

  • Refresh

    Click to refresh the page to its last saved state or to update the page after a deployment or promotion.

  • Show Workflow

    Click to open a graphical view of a workflow. When you are adding or editing a project, click this button to view the workflow assigned to the project.

  • Search

    Use to search for states, decisions, or transitions by name. Searches are case-insensitive.

State and Transition Information

The following information is available: