Moving and Reordering Projects

You can organize projects by:
  • Reordering them within their established hierarchy.
  • Moving sub-projects to different parent projects within the same application.
  • Moving a parent project and all of its sub-projects within the same application.
Consider the following information when moving or reordering projects:
  • When a project is moved, all of its sub-projects are moved with it.
  • You cannot move projects to the project hierarchy for another application.
  • Moving projects can affect inherited properties, such as field ordering, transition order, and transition settings and unexpected changes in project functionality can occur. You can safely move projects if both the new and old parent projects inherit all fields, states, and transitions from a common parent.

To move or reorder projects:

  1. Select a process app in the left pane.
  2. Click Move, and then:
    • To reorder projects at the same hierarchical level:
      1. Clear the Position Within check box.
      2. In the Destination list, navigate to the list of projects you want to reorder.
      3. Click the project sort icon to see the current sort order.
      4. Drag and drop projects to the preferred order.
    • To move a project and its sub-projects to a different parent:
      1. Select the Position Within check box.
      2. In the Source list, search for or navigate to the project you want to move.
        Tip: Use the project links at below the Search boxes to move through the project hierarchy in the Source and Destination lists.
      3. In the Destination list, search for or navigate to the project that will serve as the new parent.
      4. With both projects selected, click the right arrow button or drag the source project on top of the destination project.
      5. You are prompted that you may lose inherited properties if you move the project to a different parent project. Click Yes to complete the move or No to cancel it.
  3. Click Undo at any time to cancel your changes; click Close to save your changes.