Managing External Users

Your administrator can configure SBM projects to allow external users to submit new items via e-mail (using the anonymous e-mail submit feature). This enables non-SBM users to create new items in the system. Existing SBM users can update the external user information on an item or add one or more new external users to the item as needed.

Restriction: Only users with the External Communication item privilege on a project can use the Manage External Users option to add or edit non-SBM users on a primary item.

If you need to manage external users on an SBM item, but you do not see the Manage External Users option in the Actions drop-down list, notify your administrator. Your user account may either currently lack this privilege or your administrator may need to deploy an updated state form with this option enabled.

To manage external users on an item:

  1. From the Actions drop-down list, select Manage External Users. The Manage External Users dialog box opens.
  2. If the item was submitted via e-mail from a non-SBM user, that person's e-mail address appears in the dialog box.
    • Click the edit icon to change the name or e-mail address for this entry.
    • Click the delete icon to remove an external user from the item.
  3. To add a new external user to the item, click the Add External User button and enter a Name and E-mail for the user.
After one or more external users have been added to an item, you can e-mail the external users by clicking Send E-mail from the Actions drop-down list. When you select an external user e-mail template in the Send E-mail dialog box, any external users that have been added to the item are automatically selected in the To field.