Getting JSON Output from Reports

You can output SBM report data to JSON format. This enables you to create custom visualizations for reports, such as graph widgets or tables.

JSON output is available for all report types, except Drill Through, Multi-View and External.

Using Custom Report URLs

Use this method to obtain an URL that you can include in your custom visualization.

  1. In either the SBM User Workspace or SBM Work Center, run a report.
  2. Copy the report URL from the Actions list, then paste it into an editor.
  3. Replace the following parameters:




URL examples:
  • SBM Work Center Example




  • http://servername/workcenter/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc&ReportPage&Template=reports/jsonoutput&reportid=120
  • SBM User Workspace Example





Using the JSON Output Template

Use this method to create a report that returns JSON each time it is run.

  1. In the SBM User Workspace, create or edit a report. In Work Center, this option is available for Listing reports only.
  2. Select the Additional Options page.
  3. From the Optional HTML Template list, select the jsonoutput.htm template.
  4. Save your changes.