Using Rich Integrations to Visual Studio .Net and Eclipse

If your organization uses PVCS Version Manager to manage source control, you can access your SBM items from within the Version Manager integration to Visual Studio .Net 2003 and Eclipse. You can submit and modify SBM items from within Visual Studio and Eclipse, and then associate items with specific files. When you associate items with files, the versioned file history is added to the Version Control History section in each item.

To use the rich integrations, ensure that the IDE system favorites folder is available from the Favorites view. Items contained in this folder can be accessed from the rich integrations to Visual Studio and Eclipse.

To access the rich integrations:

  1. Click the User Profile link in the toolbar. The Edit User Profile form opens.
  2. Click the Display tab, and then select the Auto Folder Items check box. This makes the IDE system favorites folder available.
  3. Optionally, select the Version Control History check box. This enables you to view version control history for items in SBM.
  4. Click Save Profile.
  5. Add items and Listing reports to your IDE system favorites folder.
For details setting up and using on the rich integrations, refer to the PVCS Version Manager Client Implementation Guide.

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