Unlinking a Principal Item From Its Subtasks

The Unlink From Principal dialog box enables you to break a principal/subtask relationship by unlinking a subtask item from its principal task. This option is only available if you have been granted appropriate privileges.

To unlink a subtask from a principal item:

  1. Locate the subtask you want to unlink from a principal task.
  2. From the Actions drop-down list on that item, select Unlink from Principal. The Unlink From Principal dialog box opens and the principal item and the subtask item that are linked are listed.
    Note:   The Unlink from Principal option is only available on the Actions drop-down list for subtask items that are linked to a principal item.
  3. Complete the fields on the Unlink From Principal dialog box.
    • On success, automatically close this window – Select this check box to close the dialog box when the relationship is broken.

    • Unlink from Principal – Click this button to break the principal/subtask relationship for the two items.

  4. The Close This Window button appears after relationship is broken. Click this button to close the Linked from Principal dialog box.
    Note: Item link attachments created when principal and subtask items were linked are not removed. To remove item links, click the Delete icon next to the item link in each item.

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