Project Manager Sample Reports

Project managers focus on keeping the project focused on its goal and managing the project constraints such as cost, time and scope of the project.

The report types that project managers find useful are Distribution reports, Trend reports, Editable Grid listing reports, and Drill Through reports.
Tip: When saving your report, select the Privilege Category which will allow other members of your team to access the report. For example, if your team members have privileges to the User reports, select the User option. This allows you to send the report URLs by email or for your team members to search for and run the reports that you have created.

The following reports are some examples of reports that would be used by a project manager:

Tip: You could combine the preceding reports into a comprehensive Drill Through report that begins with the distribution of items by release and type. You could then drill through the information in the main report, by passing the selected data into the Backlog trend report, Distribution by Team Member report and Open and Completed trend report. You could add an additional drill through option, selecting to pass information from the Distribution by Team Member to Open and Completed trends, which would allow you to see how particular team members are opening and closing items.