Submitting Auxiliary Items

There are multiple ways to add items to auxiliary tables:

  • Use the Auxiliary Data feature to submit a small number of items individually.
  • Use the Editable Grid to submit multiple items. First, create a Listing report for an auxiliary table. Include fields that you want to populate as you add items, and then choose the table from the Submit Into drop-down list. Each row you add to the report is submitted as an item.
  • Click the icon that represents the auxiliary table next to a field that does not already contain a value.
Note: Privileges assigned by your administrator determine the tables into which you can submit auxiliary items.

To submit an auxiliary item using the Auxiliary Data feature:

  1. On the navigation pane, click the Search link, and then click Manage Data. The Auxiliary Data page opens.
  2. From the Table list, select an auxiliary table.
  3. If you have privileges to submit items into the table, the New button is available in the Results list. Click this button to open the Submit form for the table.
  4. Complete the fields on the Submit form as needed, and then click OK.

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