Lookup Form Results

The Results pane displays the results from an Advanced Lookup Tool search. Each item returned by the search contains a link that you can click to view detailed information in the bottom pane. Depending on settings made by your administrator, the Results pane may also contain links to auxiliary items associated with the items returned by the search. For example, if you are searching for incidents, the Results pane may list links to contacts and companies records associated with the incident.

Depending on your privileges and the results of your search, the following options may be available in the Results pane.

Field Description
Project for new item This drop-down list allows you to select a project for submitting new primary items. After you select a project, click the Create New Item link to open the Submit form in the bottom pane.
Results list Search results appear in the Results pane. The list appears with links to the items found. Click a link to display detailed information in the bottom pane.
Icons Icons related to the search results may be available. Hover your mouse over the icons to learn what actions you can perform.
Create New Item When you view search results for a table, look for one or more links at the bottom of the results list for submitting new items. You might see links to create a new primary item.
Please constrain the search Your administrator can specify how many items appear on the Results pane. If your search results exceed the number specified by your administrator, you may need to further constrain your search criteria to return the information you need.

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