Clearing Your Browser's File Cache

Most Web browsers maintain a local copy of Web pages, images, and other related files on your computer to increase performance. Certain SBM User Workspace pages and files are stored in your browser's file cache, and for optimal use, you should occasionally clear these files out. This can be especially beneficial after your SBM system is upgraded to a new version.

The following instructions provide guidance for clearing the file cache in browsers most frequently used by the SBM User Workspace. Instructions may vary depending on your browser version. For more assistance, refer to the browser's documentation.
Note: It may take several minutes to clear your browser's file cache, depending on how often you follow these steps.

Internet Explorer

To clear the file cache in Internet Explorer:

  1. From the Internet Explorer menu bar, select Tools, and then select Internet Options. The Internet Options dialog box opens.
  2. On the General tab, select the Delete button located in the Browsing history area.
  3. Select Temporary Internet files and website files.
  4. Click Delete, and then click OK.
  5. Close and relaunch the browser.


To clear the file cache in Firefox:

  1. From the Firefox menu bar, select History, and then select Clear Recent History.
  2. Ensure that the Cache option is selected.
  3. Click Clear Now.
  4. Close and relaunch the browser.