Setting a Default System Locale and Time Zone

The locale and time zone options determine how date and time values appear to users. This is useful for displaying times in various formats and for correctly calculating daylight savings time differences.

The default system locale and time zone are initially determined by the operating system of the machine used to create a new SBM database or upgrade an SBM database. You can modify this setting as needed.

Note: SBM only supports the Gregorian calendar. Locales that use non-Gregorian calendars are not compatible with SBM date fields.

Users can override this setting by specifying their preferred locale and time zone in their user profile; by default, each user's locale and time zone is initially based on the system default settings.

To specify a default system locale and time zone:

  1. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Locale tab.
  3. From the Locale drop-down list, select an appropriate system-wide locale as needed.
  4. From the Time Zone drop-down list, select an appropriate system-wide time zone as needed.
  5. Click OK.