Selecting the Affected Change History

If you selected ChangeActions (Change History) in the Select Item Type dialog box, the Select the Affected Change History dialog box opens. The dialog box allows you to specify which Change History records for items contained in a table or tables are affected by the archive action.

To select affect changed history:

  1. In the Change History box, select the table or tables for archival action. All Change History records for items contained in these tables will either be moved to the Archive table, restored from the Archive table, or deleted permanently.
    Note: If your database contains deleted primary tables, "Deleted Table ID 0" is listed in the Change History box. Select this option to delete change history records for all deleted primary tables. You can purge change history records for the deleted tables after archiving them, but you cannot restore them.
  2. From the From and To drop-down lists, select a date and time range to determine which Change History records for items the archival action should apply. For example, providing a date range allows you to archive, restore, or delete Change History records for items that have been in the database for awhile, without having archiving or deleting Change History records for new items. When you select a time, note that the Archive Wizard runs in Universal Time (UTC).
  3. Select the Exclude Submit Change History check box to prevent archival action for submit Change History records. This check box is not available if you are restoring items from an archive.
  4. Click Next to continue.