The Edit Table: Advanced Tab

The Edit Table – Advanced tab enables you to specify record locking and data import options for primary and auxiliary tables, and to enable caching for auxiliary tables. You can also view the value display format and browser results organization settings defined in SBM Composer.

The following options can be viewed and in some cases edited on the Edit Table – Advanced tab.

Option Description
Item Icons Displays the custom icons specified for the table in SBM Composer.
Relational Fields and Multi-Relational Fields Display to users when the table is used as a Single Relational or Multi-Relational field in another table.
Record Locking Enables you to set the amount of time in minutes that you want records in the table to be locked when they are being edited by users. The default time is 30 minutes. For details, refer to About Record Locks.
Fields for Organizing Browser Results Frame Displays fields selected in SBM Composer for determining the organization of Advanced Lookup Tool search results.
Enable Caching For auxiliary tables, you can instruct the Web server to maintain a copy of the table in the computer's memory for rapid access. Some auxiliary tables, such as Contacts and Companies, can become quite large, and as a result, caching will slow start up of the Web server and consume more memory resources. The best approach is to enable caching only for tables with a low to moderate number of records.
Allow Import Into Enables data to be imported into the table from outside sources using the Import Data Wizard in SBM System Administrator and the Import Data utility in SBM Application Administrator. By default, this check box is selected for all tables. Clear the check box to prevent data from being imported into a table. For details on the Import Data Wizard, refer to Importing Data Into Your Database.
Enable Full-Text Searching on Keyword Searches Enables full-text searching for Text fields used in keyword searches, providing a scalable method of searching large amounts of data. This option applies to keyword searches for the Basic, Advanced, and Global search features and to Text field specifications for reports. Setup in your DBMS is required. For details, refer to About Full-Text Searching.
Value Display Format Displays the fields selected for the value display format setting in SBM Composer. The value display format controls the format of item headers on forms and how items appear in lists in the SBM User Workspace. This includes search results and default columns for reports that return lists of items.
Note: Changes made in SBM Composer to the value display format will not take effect until the process app has been deployed and the Web server has been restarted.