Customizing the SBM User Workspace Online Help Files

In most cases, the SBM User Workspace online help system will meet the needs of your users. If you have an understanding of HTML, however, you can do any of the following:

You cannot, however, modify the structure of the help system, including any of the following:

To customize the content in files for the SBM User Workspace help system, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch SBM System Administrator.
  2. From the File menu, select Get Files From Database. This ensures that all help files and SBM User Workspace templates stored in the database are placed in your file system.
  3. Navigate to the bin\help subdirectory of your SBM Application Engine directory. This subdirectory contains the HTML files used by the help system.
  4. Open the HTML file that you want to customize in a text or HTML editor.
    Tip: To determine which file to customize, open the help topic from within the SBM User Workspace, right-click in the browser window, and then select Properties (Internet Explorer) or View Page Info (Firefox). Note the file name associated with the help topic.
  5. Modify text content as needed. You can also add blocks of text if you use HTML tags as they are used in the file.
    Note: Any new terms that you add to the files will not appear in search results, because the search index is built before the help ships.
  6. To add an image to the file, first copy the image file to the bin\help\images directory. Then, in the HTML file, include an img tag in the location where you want image to appear:
    <img src="images/fileName.png" alt="shortDescription"/>
  7. After modifying help files as needed, stop the SBM Application Engine Web Server, open SBM System Administrator, and then select Put Files Into Database from the File menu. All help files on your local machine are moved to the database.
  8. Start the SBM Application Engine Web Server.