External Feeds

External feeds provide a read-only set of items based on parameters that you define when the feed is created. Items from an external data feed are not added to SBM; they are only displayed on your Kanban board for you to view and track.

To use an external feed for your Kanban board:

  1. Open the Kanban New Feed wizard:
    • From the Kanban Boards page, click Create Kanban Board. Click New, and then select External Data.


    • Click the user icon in the upper right corner, select Settings, and then select the Feeds page. Click New Feed, and then select External Data.
  2. On the External Data tab, select the data source that you want to use for this feed. Use the drop-down list to filter by application if there are multiple applications available in your current context. If a documentation URL has been specified for the data source, you can click the help icon for more information about the service.
  3. On the Parameters tab, configure parameters and values as necessary to customize the data returned by the feed. You can sort the list by parameter or search for a parameter by name. You can also add new parameters and values if they are not currently provided.
  4. On the Save Feed tab, provide the following information for your feed:
    • Name

      Provide a name for your feed.

    • Visibility

      Set the feed as private or public. Private feeds are visible only to the author; public feeds can be viewed by others users, but only the author and administrators can modify public feeds.

      Note: If you plan to share a view with other users, the feeds in that view must be set to public.
    • Description

      Text provided here is shown to users when they select feeds for their views.

  5. Save your changes.
You can now add the feed to a Kanban board. If you created the feed while you were editing a Kanban board, the feed is automatically added to the board when you save your changes.