Using Backlogs with Kanban Boards

In addition to items from work item feeds or external data feeds, you can populate a Kanban board with accepted items from a backlog view. This means you can create a backlog view, move items into the Accepted list, prioritize the items as needed, and then work with those same items in a Kanban board.

Note that you can only add one backlog to a Kanban board; however, you can add multiple feeds in addition to that backlog.

To add items from a backlog view on your Kanban board:

  1. Create a backlog view and move items into the Accepted list. You must select a backlog with at least one item in the Accepted list in order to successfully create and save your Kanban board.
  2. Select Kanban Boards from the side menu, and then click Create Kanban Board.
  3. On the Create Kanban Board page, click Select Backlog. Select the backlog that you created in step 1, and then click Add.
  4. Create your Kanban board according to the steps in Creating Kanban Boards.
  5. Save your changes.
Items in the backlog's Accepted list now appear on your Kanban board. If you add or remove items from the Accepted list, the corresponding cards are added or removed from the Kanban board.

By default, items from a backlog view are displayed with the backlog priority number on the Kanban card. For example, this card represents the 7th item in the Accepted list:


You can also sort cards on the Kanban board according to backlog priority.