Embedding Reports in External Web Pages

You can embed an SBM report into an iframe or frame of an external Web page. This allows you to reference reports from external sites, such as your department wiki or intranet.

Restriction: To view a report from an external site, the user needs an SBM account with the appropriate permissions to view the report. If their credentials are not passed automatically, the end user will be required to log in to SBM to view the report.

To embed a report:

  1. Create a report as described in Creating Custom Reports.
  2. Save the report, selecting a Privilege Category which allows viewers of the Web page permissions to view the report, such as guest or user.
  3. Run the report.
  4. In the report results page, click Copy URL to Clipboard. This option may be available in the Actions drop-down list..

    This opens a pop-up box which contains the Direct URL to this report. Copy the URL by pressing Ctrl+C.

    Note: The Reference Link is used if you plan to insert the report into a custom SBM form using the Embedded Report widget. For more information on embedding reports into SBM forms, refer to the SBM Composer Guide.
  5. If necessary, modify the URL to improve the display for the end user.

    The following modifications are report-specific. For additional options, see Modifying URLs for External Use.

    Overriding the Items Per Page Setting

    For reports that display data on multiple pages, such as Listing reports, the number of items that are displayed per page depends on administrative and user profile settings. To display all items returned by a report on a single page, append the following parameter to the URL for a report.


    Displaying Navigation Options in Results

    The listframe template displays options such as Previous Item and Next Item when the user navigates the results.

    To change from the list to the listframe template, change the list to listframe in the URL.

    Preventing Items to Open in New Window

    To prevent items from opening in new windows when you are using listing or drill down reports, append "&embedded" to the end of the URL.

  6. Paste this URL into your external Web page. For example, you could paste this URL into an iframe or frame of your page, allowing the results of the report to appear inside your page.

If the report is not displayed:

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