Transitioning and Updating Items

Update and transition primary items to a new state using the Accessible interface. You can also update auxiliary items, such as contact or company information, with the Accessible interface.
Note: If you are connected to SBM through a proxy server, you may not be able to transition items from the handheld device.

Access primary and auxiliary items from two toolbar links: the Home link and the Search/Reports link. For details, refer to About the Accessible Interface Application Page and Searching for Items and Reports.

To transition or update an item:

  1. Click the link for the item you want to transition or update.
  2. Click the appropriate transition or Update button at the top or bottom of the Item Details page. A form for adding or editing information to the item opens.
  3. Enter necessary information in the provided fields or choose options from drop-down and selection lists. Required fields are designated by an asterisk before the field name.
  4. Click OK. To cancel the transition or update, click Cancel. This returns you to the Item Details page.

New field values for updated or transitioned items appear in the Item Details page of the Accessible interface and the SBM User Workspace.

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