Using Date/Time Keywords in Reports

You can use keywords in Date fields when you create report search filters. Each time that you run a report, the date value is recalculated. Use keywords for performing calculations in reports. For details, refer to Calculations in Listing and Multi-Table Reports and Calculations.

Note: In a Change History report, if you use Date/Time keywords in the From and/or To fields, the date values are fixed. The values are not recalculated each time that the report is run.

Example: Date/Time Keywords in a Report Using Basic Conditions

A manager needs a report that shows all items closed in the last month. In a report form using basic conditions, enter the following conditions in the Field Specification area:

Close Date/Time > startof_lastmonth

Close Date/Time < endof_lastmonth

Each time the report is run, the date value is recalculated and the results show all the items closed in the last month.

Examples: Date/Time Keywords in a SQL Listing Report

Note: This topic applies only to SBM On-Premise/PaaS customers.

The following examples show how to use Date/Time keywords when you create an Advanced SQL condition using SBM–processed SQL.

Note: Keywords cannot be used in Date fields if you are using pass-through SQL.

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