Editing Reports

Your privileges determine which reports you can edit. You can edit any report listed with an edit icon.

To edit a report:

  1. Open the report form for the report you want to edit. There are several ways to do this:
    • Click the Edit Report button on the report results page. The Edit Report button is also available on the confirmation page you receive after successfully saving a report.

    • From the Task page, click the Show me my Reports link to view a list of reports you authored for the selected application. Reports you created against auxiliary tables are also listed.

    • Search for a report using the Reports page. For details on searching for reports, refer to Finding Reports.

    • Browse reports listed in the Reports, Favorites, Public Folders, or Knowledge Base views of the navigation pane.

      Tip: The report author and date the report was created are listed at the top of the Modify Report form.
  2. Modify report criteria, and then click one of the following options located at the top of the report form:
    • Preview – Click this button to view your results before saving the report. After previewing your results, click Back to modify the report, or click Save to save the report. For details, refer to Previewing Reports.

    • Save – Click this button to open the Save As form. For details, refer to Saving Reports.

    • Save As – Click this button to save the report as a new report. You must provide a unique title for the new report. For details, refer to Saving a Report as a New Report.

    • Cancel – Click this button to close the report form without saving any changes.