Add/Modify URL Dialog Box

The Add/Modify URL dialog box enables you to add a URL to a primary or auxiliary item or to a public or Knowledge Base folder. URLs can be links to a Web site external to SBM or to a page within SBM.

Note: The Test URL button, On success, automatically close this window option and Close This Window button do not appear on the Add URL dialog when attempting to add a note from the Editable Grid.
Field Description
Name Type a name that will appear as the link name. If you do not provide a name for a URL, the URL itself appears as a link.
URL Type the URL path of the Web site in the box. The hypertext transfer protocol (http://) is automatically added to the URL if you do not provide it. If you add an URL for a file, you must use the file:// prefix. For example: file://server/sharedfolder/file.txt.
Test URL Click this button to validate the URL. The Web page opens in the bottom pane of the dialog box.
Show URL as Image

(URLs added to items only)

Select this check box to display the image specified by the URL instead of a hyperlink. You must enter a URL to a graphic file such as for the graphic to appear. If you enter and select to show the URL as an image, an image does not appear because there is not an image file specified in the URL.
Tip: If the hyperlink appears broken in the form, try unchecking this check box.
The file type that you can use for this feature depends on the file types your browser supports. Typically, this feature works for GIF and JPEG files, but can work in some browsers for PNG and BMP files as well.
Note: This feature does not apply to URLs added to folders.

(URLs added to items only)

Select this check box to make the URL visible to all users who can view the item. Clear the check box to restrict the URL as specified by user privileges. The Unrestricted check box is disabled if you do not have privileges to set URLs as unrestricted for the selected project or auxiliary table.
Note: This feature does not apply to URLs added to folders.
On success, automatically close this window Select this check box to close the window when the URL is added.

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