Rendering HTML in Notes

By default, HTML tags added to notes are rendered, enabling users to apply basic formatting to notes. If HTML5 features are also enabled for your system, users can apply basic formatting using a Rich Text Editor. (HTML5 features are enabled or disabled for your entire system at the Base Project level in Application Administrator.)

You can choose to display HTML tags in notes rather than render the tags. You may do this if the tags themselves need to be visible to users.

If users manually enter HTML as a default value, be aware that obviously "suspicious" ("dangerous") HTML is not rendered at runtime.

The following tags are considered suspicious:
  • <applet, </applet
  • <embed, </embed
  • <form, </form
  • <frame, </frame
  • <iframe, </iframe
  • <input, </input
  • <script, </script
  • <textarea, </testarea
The following tags may not be rendered at runtime unless they are added using the Rich Text Editor. These tags will not be rendered if they contain suspicious attributes, such as onload or onclick:
  • <a, </a
  • <img, </img (Rendered only when added at runtime)
Remember: Improper or invalid HTML could have a negative impact on the field and possibly on the entire form. Refer to the World Wide Web Consortium Web site at for information about HTML syntax.

Use the Sanitize HTML Values in Memo Fields, Journal Fields, and Notes option in SBM Application Administrator to configure a list of approved tags, tag attributes, and restricted styles that sanitizes HTML in the database prior to rendering it in notes when the Render HTML in Notes check box is selected.

Also, note that improperly formatted HTML in notes may prevent users from viewing items to which the notes are attached. For assistance in writing properly formatted HTML, refer to the World Wide Web Consortium located at If users are unable to view an item with a note attachment that contains improperly formatted HTML, you can temporarily clear the Render HTML in Notes check box, and then edit the note to properly format the HTML.

To prevent HTML from rendering in notes:

  1. From the Options menu, select Settings or click the Settings icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select the HTML tab.
  3. Clear the Render HTML in Notes check box.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Stop and start IIS.
    Note: This setting applies to all notes in the system.