Overriding SourceBridge User Settings

Depending on how users access SourceBridge, you can use the Settings tab of the Version Control Configuration dialog box to override SourceBridge user settings.

The following table describes the order in which SourceBridge settings are applied.

SourceBridge Access Point Server Overrides Order of Precedence
Integrated development environments (IDEs) that comply with Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI) standards (except when Version Manager is used as the underlying source control provider)
  1. SBM System Administrator overrides
  2. SourceBridge user settings
Version Manager Windows client and IDEs with Version Manager used as underlying source control provider
  1. Version Manager Administrator overrides
  2. SBM System Administrator overrides
  3. SourceBridge user settings
Version Manager Web client Version Manager Administrator overrides only

By default, all options are user configurable. To override user settings, select the Server Override option next to each setting.

The following options can be overridden: