Mapping Fields for External Post Item Transitions

When you create an External Post Item transition, you may also want to map fields from your originating database to fields in the external database. When an item is posted to an external database, a new item is created in the external database. Information is transferred from the original item to the new item. It is therefore highly recommended that you map at least the Title and Description fields. This task is performed in SBM Composer.

When you create field mappings, you will likely need to talk to someone maintaining the external database to determine field names and field types. You must specify the database name for fields in the external database.

In addition, Single Selection field mapping is based on the values contained in each field. For example, if you map the Item Type field containing the value BUG, then the receiving database must have a field value matching this.

Tip: If the project in the external database includes required fields for new items, provide default values in the E-mail submit transition to avoid unexpected failures.

The following table lists the available field mappings.

Source Field Type Receiving Field Type
Binary/Trinary Text field only
Date/Time Date/Time field or Text field
Folder Text field only
Multi-Relational Text field only
Multi-Selection Text field only
Numeric Numeric field or Text field
Single Selection Single Selection field or Text field
Single Relational Text field only
Sub-Relational Text field only
Summation Text field only
Text Text field (Text/Memo field)