Enabling Full-Text Keyword Searching

Use the following process for enabling full-text keyword searching in your DBMS and SBM System Administrator.

Note: For detailed steps for SQL Server and Oracle, search for Full-Text Keyword Searching in the Knowledgebase.
  1. Determine the tables for which keyword searching should be enabled.
  2. Edit a primary or auxiliary table in SBM System Administrator, and then select the Advanced tab.
  3. Click the Text Fields button. Record the list of Text columns. You will need to index all of these columns in your database.
  4. Index columns in SQL Server or Oracle.
  5. Return to SBM System Administrator, edit the primary or auxiliary table, select the Advanced tab, and then select the Enable Full-Text Searching on Keyword Searches check box. Changes are available to users after the cache interval period set for your system.