Adding Custom String Identifiers

Custom string identifiers can be used to modify SBM User Workspace HTML templates or to translate e-mail templates into multiple languages.

Note: Users who will add custom strings must be granted "submit" privileges to the String IDs table.

To add a custom string identifier:

  1. Log on to the SBM Application Administrator.
  2. From the Administrator portal, select Auxiliary Data.
  3. From the Table drop-down list, select String IDs.
  4. In the Results pane, click New to open a Submit form for the String IDs table.
  5. In the Name box, type a name for the new string identifier. The name cannot use the IDS_ prefix or be greater than 255 characters.
  6. In the Root Value box, type the text that will appear to SBM User Workspace users.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you want to translate a string identifier, follow the instructions in Adding Records to the Strings Table to associate the string identifier with a string and a language record.
  9. Add the string to your HTML or e-mail template.
  10. In SBM System Administrator, select Put Files in Database from the File menu.
  11. Use the SBM Configurator to stop and start the SBM Application Engine Web Server.