This service transitions an item.


Argument Type Description
auth (optional) Auth The Auth type supplies credentials and optionally, a host name for licensing. The userId and password can be specified with HTTP BASIC or WS-SECURITY instead.
item (required) TTItem The items to be transitioned. The TTItem type holds the generic data for the item. You must have the itemID filled in at a minimum.
transition (optional) TransitionIdentifier The transition that you intend to invoke against the item.
breakLock boolean Specify True to break any existing item lock. Specify False to honor the item lock.
options (optional) ResponseItemOptions Enables you to limit the data that is returned in the response.


TTItemHolder is returned for the transitioned item. The item is returned with updated item data, which shows the unique TS_ID the each record and the TS_ID of the table. For more detail, see TTItemHolder.


The TransitionItem call provides a method to transition or update a single record in a primary table or auxiliary table. If a transition of 0 is specified, the default update transition is used. You can update records in both custom and system primary tables, given the proper privileges.

If you specify a specific transition for the call to use, that transition needs to be a valid transition for the items' project.

To create notes, item links, and URL attachments on the item, add records to the lists that are defined in TTItem. To update a file attachment, see UpdateFileAttachment.

Use the following elements in the options parameter to control how this call is processed and what data is returned:

For more information on the options elements, see ResponseItemOptions.



The following XML is a snippet of the payload that is sent with TransitionItem.

            <urn:displayName>Animation Pro</urn:displayName>
            <urn:fullyQualifiedName>Base Project||Base IDT Project||
            Software Development||Animation Pro</urn:fullyQualifiedName>
        <urn:description>This is a test item.</urn:description>