The change type contains the field that was changed, plus prior and new values.


Name Type Description
field FieldIdentifier The field that was changed.
priorValue string Contains the prior field value. Only populated if displayPriorValues is set to true.
newValue string The new field value.
extendedData ExtendedData Placeholder for future arguments.


The change type is part of the ItemChangeAction response. Use GetItemsChangeHistory to retrieve the data shown here.

ItemChangeAction holds the same information that you see in the details of the Change History for an item. Field values are presented in format ready to be displayed to end user without any internal identifiers. For example, if the Owner field was changed, only the user name is returned without the internal user ID.


The following XML snippet shows the change type in the GetItemsChangeHistory response.

   <ae:priorValue>Evaluating Issue</ae:priorValue>
   <ae:priorValue>Bill Admin</ae:priorValue>