ChangeHistoryResponseOptions holds the MultipleResponseItemOptions type, as well as boolean sorting and display options for the change history that is returned in the response.


Name Type Description
options MultipleResponseItemOptions Enables you to limit the data that is returned in the response. Also used to specify whether the service should continue or stop if an error is encountered.
displayPriorValues boolean Specify true to display prior values for changes in addition to the latest values. False by default.
sortNewFirst boolean Specify true to sort entries by the most recent changes first. False by default.


Use the ChangeHistoryResponseOptions in the <urn:options> argument of the GetItemsChangeHistory call to limit the data that is returned and control the sort order and display of change records. For example, if you only want to view change history for a certain field, specify that field in the <urn:limitedField> element. If you want to view both the prior and current values for a change record, set <urn:displayPriorValues> to true.

Note: The sortNewFirst parameter overrides the Sort new first user profile settings for viewing change history.


The following XML shows ChangeHistoryResponseOptions in the <urn:options> element of a GetItemsChangeHistory call.