Working With Scripts From Within SBM Composer

You create and edit scripts using the script editor within SBM Composer. This section describes the SBM Composer script editor and validation pane.

For information on working with scripts from within SBM Composer, see the SBM Composer Guide. In particular, see "Working with Scripts" and "About Actions".

Note: Professional Services can develop and install scripts for customers who choose not to use in-house resources or third-party consultants. Call your sales representative for pricing information.

Script Editor

To validate the script, click the Validate Script button in the upper left corner of the SBM Composer window. You can view the results in the Validation pane.

Note: To edit an existing script, you must have the script checked out.

Validation Output Pane

The Validation Output pane displays the status and results when you validate a script.

The Validation Output pane occupies the same space as the Validation Results, below the script editor. When both the Validation Results and Validation Output pane are open, you can arrange them by dragging, just as you can arrange editor tabs in the editor pane.

Using the Script Validation Tab

Scripts are shown under the Scripts heading in App Explorer. After you add a script or change a script in the script editor, right-click in the script editor and then select Validate.
  • If the script is valid, the Script Validation tab displays "This script is valid."
  • If the script has errors, the Script Validation tab displays "INVALID SCRIPT" and a description of the error or errors that were found.