Numeric Field Options

Numeric fields store signed integers, floating point values, or fixed precision values. Numeric fields can be used as weights in Trend reports. When you use weights, be sure to set a default value, or set the field as required. (See Attributes Tab of the Field Property Editor for details.)


Select the format you want displayed as values.

Some large integer and floating point values are reserved for internal use. Integer values larger than 2147483643 and floating point numbers between 4294967292.000 and 4294967295.99999 cannot be used in Numeric fields for this reason.

You cannot change the style of a Numeric field after a process app is published. For example, you cannot change an integer field to a floating point field. However, there is a way to reset the field and change it if you intend to deploy the process app to a different environment. For more information, see Modifying Locked Elements in a Published Process App.

SBM respects the regional option set for your computer for floating point and fixed precision values. For example, if your regional option is "Czech," a comma is used instead of a decimal point.


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