Step 8: Run the Process App


You completed the steps in Step 7: Deploy the Process App.

In this exercise, you test MyProcessApp by running it in the SBM User Workspace.

To run a process app in the SBM User Workspace:

  1. Log on to the SBM User Workspace.
    Tip: In SBM Composer, you can click the User Workspace button on the Launch tab of the Ribbon to do this. You can also navigate directly to http://serverName/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?.
  2. Select the MyApp tab.

    If the MyApp tab is not visible, click the More tab, and then select MyApp in the list.

  3. On the Task Page, under Submit, click the Submit a new MyApp link.
  4. In the Submit Tree, click the MyAppProject link.

    The first transition page opens, and the title contains the text that you specified in the Calculate step of the SynchBefore orchestration workflow: Replace this text with something unique, 25 characters or less.

  5. Delete the text in the Title box, enter some unique text (fewer than 25 characters).
  6. Select a user from the Manager list, and then click OK.

    The first state form opens, and the title now contains the text you entered in the previous step followed by the text that you specified in the Calculate step of the SynchAfter orchestration workflow: Appended by SynchAfter.

  7. Click the Assign button.

    The second transition form opens.

  8. Select a user from the Employee list, and then click OK.
  9. Click Close and then click OK on the page that opens. The Asynch orchestration workflow is invoked, and it creates a new item in MyOtherAppProject.
  10. To locate the new item, click the Search filter.
  11. In the Projects field, select MyOtherAppProject.
  12. Click Search.
    Tip: You can search for all items in the MyApp application by typing an * in the search box.
  13. In the Search Results list, find the new item.

    The Title column contains the following: [Your unique text] Appended by SynchAfter. This issue was created by Asynch.

  14. To view the item, click the link in its Item Id column.

    The new item appears in the area under the list.